Hi, I'm Don De Guzman,
A React Developer. =)

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1 year of experience of coding with React, GraphQL Javascript, CSS, HTML, Git, SQL, and eCommerce with a Harvardx CS50 Computer Science certificate. Built 3 websites and 2 apps.

From De La Salle‑College of Saint Benilde, one of the top universities in the Philippines and ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance certified.

Professional - Organized - Excellence - Focused - Honest - Positive

Check out some of my work in the Projects section.

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ScandiPWA App

• In Progress.

React GraphQL PokemonV2 App

• Displays each Pokemon’s name, art, attacks, and, number by using React framework and GraphQL to access the database.
• More functions in progress
• React, GraphQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Yarn, Git, Apollo

Source Code

React Game TenziesV2

• The winning condition is to hold 10 same numbers so I added a ”Roll” button that generates an array of 10 numbers on dice that can be held and when the player has won they receive confetti and a ”New Game” button by using the React framework.
• More functions in progress
• React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, NPM, Git

Source Code

Harvard CS50 Projects

• Passed all JavaScript, HTML, CSS, projects by creating a Homepage website.
• Passed all SQL projects by successfully finding required information in the database.
• Passed all C projects by applying Arrays, Algorithms, Memory, and Data Structures.
• Passed all Python projects by applying Arrays. Also, with Flask by building a Finance Website with a user login function and installing API Integration.
• JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, C, Python, Flask, Git, API

Verified Certificate Source Code

Harvard CS50 Final Project

• Built a structure for the website using HTML with bookmarks, collapse buttons, youtube players, and hyperlinks.
• Applied CSS for better aesthetics with hover shadow effects.
• Applied Javascripts for catching a user’s attention instantly using popups and alerts for important messages.
• JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git

Video Demo Source Code

Dark&Sleek eCommerce store

• Giving buyers a sense of urgency to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion by installing a “Product urgency timer” app in the Liquid code because potential buyers would sometimes abandon their cart.
• Users would feel more comfortable buying if their concerns have been solved so I installed a LiveChat app for instant customer service.
• Properly categorized products to avoid overwhelming customers with choices by adding proper tags for each product uploaded to be able to put them in specific groups.
• Liquid, CMS

PW: euglao

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Badass Video Game

Built a short story video game with RPG combat, Intractable Objects and text Narrative using RPGMaker.


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